DAC 661: Digital Engagement Seminar Offered in Spring

The DAC Capstone class, DAC 661: Digital Engagement Seminar, will be offered in spring 2022 and there are still spots available. This class will not be offered in the fall and is a requirement for DAC Majors (and recommended for DAC Certificates).

This is a class you do not want to miss. Taught by DAC Program Assistant Scott M. Bruner, the class is designed to serve as a bridge between your coursework and a professional career in a field you love! This class is designed to:

  • Help you build a professional portfolio to highlight your creative, academic work as a showcase for your talents
  • Provide direct experience working on a team project that will show you how creative teams work together to build platforms and communities
  • Demonstrate how to showcase your work to future employers through contemporary platforms
  • Understand the importance of creative, academic, and professional networks
  • Experiment, explore, and revel in the creative process while discovering the joy intrinsic to it

DAC 661 is a seminar built on a conversation – and not lectures or staid instruction – about how you can build a career that fits your interests, desires, and capabilities.You can see work from previous 661 students via UWM’s Digitial Commons.

If you have any questions about the class, e-mail Scott M. Bruner! There are still spots open for spring (and 661 won’t be offered again until 2023).

Find the official course listing here.