Spring 2019 DAC Offerings

The Digital Arts and Culture Program is excited to announce three new special electives that students can take to fulfill their certificate or major. For additional information, questions, or wanting to get in touch with the professors, please contact Lisa Moline at lmoline@uwm.edu

  1. ART 427 Advanced Design Workshop: Literary Journal Production
    Work with students in English to design and produce Furrow, UWM’s undergraduate arts journal. Online version here: http://furrowmag.org/
    Any student interested in being involved in producing a literary or arts journal should consider taking this class. It has been cross listed with English so that the course could count as an Art and Design Elective.
  2. ART 524 LAB 502 Professional Practice in Design: Launch, Sustain, Grow Your Business
    Taught by Jason Dietenberger, business, innovation and design internship coordinator at Student Affairs. “You’ll leave the course having created your playbook for launching, growing and sustaining your business if you decide to launch a business now or later. Learn innovation and entrepreneurial canvas startup mapping; cycles of business launch, sustainment, growth models; strategic value-add partnerships; business build strategies and logistics; valuation.”
    This course is appropriate for any junior, senior, or graduate student interested in building their own business as a creative entrepreneur.
  3. ART 608 FLD 008 Art and Design Internship: Nonprof-IT
    Adam Hudson of SOIS heads this collaborative internship course working with area non-profit organizations to build websites and other technology to promote their orgs. Must apply to be accepted to class, but don’t worry, it’s an easy process! For more information: