DAC Capstone Cohort

Each spring semester since 2017, DAC 661 Digital Engagement Seminar students create comprehensive projects which demonstrate their mastery of the Digital Arts and Culture learning goals. In the Spring 2020 semester, the cohort of this DAC capstone course had been planning a final showcase of projects they had been developing. The COVID-19 pandemic brought an end to in-person gatherings on campus and in Wisconsin after spring break, and unfortunately, the plan to share these works in a public event had to be canceled and reconfigured.

Instead of a physical showcase situated in space, the 2020 showcase is now published here on UWM’s Digital Commons. Being resilient, creative individuals, the students represented here demonstrated remarkable flexibility during a time when several unfamiliar obstacles were being hurled at them. Despite the sudden disruption of their lives, the DAC students represented here not only completed their capstone projects but did so with stunning results.

In each of the project pages linked to below, you’ll find a discussion of the semester’s work. In considering these projects, they also shared their experiences, their processes, and reflected upon moments of success (and sometimes failure).

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The capstone projects are published and archived on UWM’s Digital Commons https://dc.uwm.edu/daccap/. This collection is significant as it is the first volume in what we hope will be an ongoing collection. It says a great deal that this cohort would take up this sort of endeavor during a time of global crisis.

Thanks to the following students in DAC Capstone Cohort of 2020 for sharing their gifts with us: