Art 212: Intro to Digital Studio Practice

Art 212: Intro to Digital Studio Practice

Going further with your Photoshop and Illustrator skill sets; learning Animation in Photoshop! Skill building in Adobe After Effects (Animation), Adobe Premiere Pro (Video Editing), and Adobe Audition (Sound Mixing/Audio Editing). Building on your Studio Practice and Portfolio… whatever that may be! Students within this class have completed projects combining the tools and skill sets used in our course with work in Graphic Design, Digital Painting, Traditionally-based Drawing and Painting, Printmaking, Film, Fibers, and more!

Section 202 with Christopher Willey; M/W 12:30PM-3PM

Section 801 with Emily Berens; T/TH 11AM-1:30PM

​Section 202 for this course is fully online. Section 801 has all mandatory class meetings online (no in-person activities are required), but will host in-person office hours and studio time on request if students are interested.


Student Work from this Class–