READINGS FOR FACULTY Related to Critical Service Learning and Community Engaged Teaching on Activism and Race

Below is a reading list for FACULTY related to critical service learning pedagogy, teaching methods, and service learning and social justice:

Mitchell, T.D. (2015). Using a Critical Service-Learning Approach to Facilitate Civic Identity Development. Theory Into Practice: Critical Service-Learning Initiatives, 54(1), 20-28.

In this article, Mitchell (2015) discusses research suggesting that through critical service-learning students experience holistigrowth and increase their commitment to civic engagement. Not only did critical service learning impact students learning, but also helped students develop a strong civic identity aimed at the public good (p. 27). 

Mitchell, T.D. (2008). Traditional vs. critical service-learning: Engaging the literature to differentiate two models. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 14(2), 50-65.

In this article, Mitchell (2008) discusses the transformative impact of critical service-learning programs on students’ identity as change agents (as cited in Mitchell, 2015, p. 21). 

Mitchell, T.D. (2007). Critical Service-Learning as Social Justice Education: A Case Study of the Citizen Scholars Program. Equity & Excellence in Education, 40(2), 101-112.

In the case study presented, Mitchell (2007) explains the impact of a service-learning course designed to encourage students’ critical thinking on social issues and suggests pathways to engage in social justice work (p. 101). 

Bowen, G. (2014). Promoting Social Change through Service-Learning in the Curriculum, Journal of Effective Teaching, 14(1), 51-62.

Bowen (2014) offers suggestions for instructors on how to incorporate topics related to social justice and social change within a service-learning course (p. 51).