Recommended Alternative Assignments

Organization Observation through Online Presence

  • This document outlines a way students could research and report on a non-profit. Note that there is a sentence highlighted in yellow on the doc that would need to be filled in to make it course content specific.

TakeCare Film Vignettes

  • A group of documentary filmmakers in California is making a series of health related films that address issues such as childhood trauma, nutrition, nature as a tool for better health, aging, veterans issues, the impact of poverty, and environmental issues. Although these films are not yet released for widespread consumption, they gave permission to share the site with you since it is in “Friends and Family Mode”. You could select one or two of these films (they are all about 5 minutes long) and ask students to write a paper on the issue presented. You would just need to provide some thoughtful prompts for them to write about connected to your course content.

The Problem We All Live With – Part One – This American Life Podcast

  • If you are teaching a Multicultural America 150 course, or another course that is examining issues of race and how it intersects with the lives of young people and public education, we suggest this podcast and some prompts for an online discussion. This is especially good for classes like the 150s where so many students were assigned youth serving sites such as schools or youth serving organizations.

Documentary 53206 or Dream Big Dreams Film

  • For a very local look at community issues, we suggest the above films available through the UWM library and online from the PBS website.


If you have questions or need help, contact  Laurie Marks by email or call 414-229-3161.