Community Leaders Internship Program

The Community Leaders Internship Program builds stronger connections between local businesses and nonprofit organizations and develops natural pathways for student employment in the Milwaukee area by providing paid internships for UWM students at a variety of organizations in our community. Through this program, UWM partners can hire UWM students in part-time internship positions with wages supplemented by federal work-study dollars. Depending on organization or business type, the supplemented wage is between 50% and 75% of total earnings. Typically, students in the program work 8 to 12 hours per week for an entire academic year, and earn between $10 and $14.50 per hour.

UWM will support partners in developing intern job roles and descriptions, provide orientation and ongoing logistical support to partners, and create on-campus structures to support student learning and professional development. Employer partners will serve as intern supervisors and mentors. For more information please browse the materials below or contact Ben Trager at


Steps for Partnership