Articles and Videos Discussing Protests Related to the Black Lives Matter Movement in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Below is a list of resources for faculty related to LOCAL (Milwaukee and Wisconsin) Black Lives Matter Movement and recent protests:

Milwaukee Black Lives Matter Protests Continue — In this article, Schultz (2020) discusses the creation of a mural to recognize local female civil rights leaders, as well as the continuation of peaceful protests in Milwaukee. 

‘All Lives Don’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter’. Protests Expand Across Wisconsin Saturday — In this article, Wisconsin Public Radio (2020) discusses protests across WI in support of Black Lives Matter. In addition to a typical protest, such as a march, citizens, specifically children, were able to express their voices, activism, and advocate using chalk on the sidewalk. 

Videos from Milwaukee’s Peaceful Protests — Snyder (2020) captures the powerful peaceful protests that took place in the Milwaukee area. Through these videos, Snyder (2020) shows our country’s ability to peacefully and collectively demand a safer, kinder and fairer experience for those of color. 

Milwaukee Protest Organizers Talk About Why They Continue  — This particular video shows the continuation of peaceful protests within MilwaukeeRebecca Klopf interviews the activists and leaders of the protests, who have led thousands of people through the streets of Milwaukee, to tell their stories and express the meaning of the Black Lives Matter Movement to them. 

Future of Many State Street Businesses in Jeopardy— In this article, Adams (2020) discusses how Madison has responded to the Black Lives Matter protests and how it has effected small businesses in the area. 

Madison’s State Street in Limbo as City Tries to Heal — In this article, Johnson (2020) discusses how the creation of murals have helped release pain in a positive and healthy way.