Verona Urban Development

  • Scheme 1 - Community Center

The City of Verona continues to explore growth options and new housing, recreation, and retail experiences for their residents. With the EPIC campus bringing more activity to the community, there is interest in developing a town center, with activities for youth, seniors, and any age in-between. Five initial site ideas, based on Community Development Authority (CDA) and public feedback, included: a park and community center plan, a makerspace and park concept, a small commercial concept, and a mixed-use plan. Three revised concepts were developed and presented to the CDA and public. Stakeholders preferred a mixed-use plan, with aspects from each of the initial concepts. A community center was a high priority, as well as a public park with a pavillion, stage, and walking paths. The community also identified an outdoor pool and community center as top priorities for moving forward. Integrating these unique uses into the neighborhood will provide a connection and attraction for the area.