To improve the quality of life in Wisconsin through physical change to the environment and refinement of decision making processes effecting the environment.


  • Be a Catalyst for positive physical change in areas that have insufficient access to design and planning services
  • Form Partnerships that promote our mission
  • Stimulate funding & construction where they are most needed
  • Inform & Stimulate the existing design and construction process

Housed in the School of Architecture & Urban Planning on the UWM Campus, CDS accomplishes its objectives in two major ways.

  • Provides, upon request, design and planning services, education, and training to under-served non-profit groups in Wisconsin
  • Supports community-based applied research into design and/or planning related issues

Quick Response Team (QRT)

CDS through this student led team responds effectively to requests for planning and design services from neighborhood groups, community organizations, and the UWM community.

QRT does not stamp drawings, create final design plans, or undertake/supervise construction.

CDS programs are funded by a combination of UWM funds, gifts, grants, and fees for service. Service priority is given to requests for the greater Milwaukee area from registered non-profits based mainly on client need, nature of the project relative to skills and resources available, and timeline.


Carolyn Esswein

Interim Dean of SARUP
Mo Zell

Quick Response Team Managers
Roe Draus and Tess Richard


Contact information

Phone: 414-977-7744 or 414-229-4014
E-mail: cesswein@uwm.edu
Community Design Solutions
School of Architecture & Urban Planning
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
P. O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201