Ní Chiardha, Bairbre

Lecturer & Co-Director
Center for Celtic Studies


B.Ed, NT, ATG 1979 University College Dublin, Ireland.

Courses Taught (UWM)

CELTIC 103 First Semester Gaelic
CELTIC 104 Second Semester Gaelic
CELTIC 203 Third Semester Gaelic
CELTIC 204 Fourth Semester Gaelic
CELTIC 133 Celtic Crossings

Bairbre Ní Chiardha is the Center for Celtic Studies' co-director. She is also an instructor, student advisor, coordinator of the Center’s many events and activities, and administrator of the Center’s day to day operations.

Co-director and Administrator
As the Center's co-director and administrator, Bairbre organizes events, which includes securing venue, technology, refreshments, etc. as well as arranging payment and accommodations for visiting speakers. Bairbre oversees grant writing and reporting relating to the Irish government funding of the Center’s Irish language teaching and language-related events. On behalf of the Center, she maintains cordial relations with Irish government representatives both by meeting with them in Ireland and hosting them at the Center.

Events and Community Outreach Organizer, Tutor, and Instructor
Bairbre designed and presented courses in the Irish language for non-academic communities. She regularly teaches at annual Irish language weekends in Madison, WI, Bloomington, IN, San Francisco, CA, and have also taught at Kansas City, MO, Olympia, WA, and Cedar Rapids, IA.

Every year she organizes the Irish Language Immersion Weekend/Tionól Gaeilge, which takes place in the Milwaukee area in late February or early March (Friday evening-Sunday morning).

Bairbre also collaborates with Celtic organizations in Wisconsin, the USA, and abroad. These include Celtic Milwaukee, Milwaukee’s Irish Cultural and Heritage Center, The Shamrock Club of Wisconsin and North American Association for Celtic Languages, Milwaukee Hurling Club and Craobh Churtin de Conradh na Gaeilge.