Students of Color

Students of Color

Planning for your future:

You’ve worked hard, you’ve made it through your transition to college, and now you need to begin planning for your future. Your career plan can and should include learning the most you can about your chosen field, including potential negatives. For students of color, there may be additional considerations to review:

  • Does my desired career support diversity?
  • Is there a stated need or desire to diversify the field?
  • What has been my experience talking with faculty in the field?
  • Can I find a mentor in the field?

Once you begin your process of moving into the workforce, whether for an internship or a position, you will need to also consider how well your resume, cover letter and interviewing skills reflect the work you know you can do. One question you may have is how and when to disclose your identity during the process, and what content might disclose your identity without you intending to do so.

You may also want to consider more research into the companies with which you seek that internship or employment:

  • Does the company website show a cleanly laid out policy and process regarding inclusion?
  • Does the company website visually reflect its market?
  • Does the company offer mentor options for new professionals?

The Career Planning & Resource Center website and staff can help you work through all these questions and more. We welcome you to come in during our walk-in hours to meet with one of our counselors and learn more. Whether you are at the beginning of your planning, or just need a tweak on your resume or interview preparation, we can help.

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