Research Careers

Read and learn about career descriptions, required skills/education, salaries & job outlook

  • Career Websites – OOH, ONET, & CareerWise 
  • Career Videos – Google a career title with the words “career video”, “day in the life of”, or “job video”.
  • Job Postings – Get a real look at what a job entails and what employers require. Start your search with Indeed.

Talk with professionals to gather first-hand career information

Experience the careers and work environments you are considering

  • UWM Student Organizations – Many organizations go on company tours and have professionals come speak about their careers. Identify organizations related to your major and/or interests on the Student Involvement website.
  • Part-Time Jobs, Internships, and Volunteering –  All allow you to test out career ideas, build your resume, and develop skills. Use Handshake and Indeed to locate jobs/internships and CCBLLR for volunteer opportunities. Also attend the UWM Career Fairs