Search for Jobs

Search for Jobs

How to Detect and Avoid Job Scams:

Whether you’re looking for a:

  • job while you go to school on or off campus
  • internship or getting related work experience before you graduate
  • professional position

…start with determining what is most important to you such as:

  • money, hours, making friends, gaining specific skills, location, …
  • will it help you get scholarships, into higher level classes, or graduate programs
  • will it make you more marketable when you graduate?

…then use all of these strategies to find opportunities

  • Advertised Positions: Use Handshake, and other job posting sites, organization websites, and printed posting e.g. newsletters, job boards, and professional journals.
  • Direct Marketing: Reach out to organizations instead of waiting for advertised positions
  • Networking: attend formal events and access the power of friends and families to uncover and connect to hidden options.

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