Career and Internship Fairs

Upcoming CPaRC Job, Internship and Career Fairs – All Fairs for the fall semester will be virtual.  

Upcoming Events

Fall Fairs we organize every year include:

Part-Time Job and Internship Fair

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Virtual Platform: Handshake

Fall Career Fair

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Virtual Platform: Handshake 

Spring Fairs we organize every year include: 
  • Diversity Career Fair 
  • Education Career Fair 
  • Summer Job Fair
Quick Career Fair Tips:
  • Dress for Success. Treat this like an interview. If you do not have professional clothes to wear, come to Mellencamp 128 and get some for free from the Career Closet.
  • Introduce Yourself. When you walk up to a recruiter, smile, firmly shake their hand, establish eye contact, and give your elevator speech (a brief 30 second introduction about your education, interests, skills, and why you are interested in that company).
  • Bring Copies of Your Resume. Some employers may ask you to apply online, but having a paper copy to hand them can be helpful.
    • *BONUS TIP*: Get your resume reviewed at walk-in hours
  • Research Companies/Organizations Before. Know the basics about the company before you meet with them (what they do, what they are hiring for, etc.)