Veteran Students

As student that is a family member or as a student that has previously or is currently serving, you may have a number of specific resources and face specific challenges in transition, higher education settings, and career planning. With experiences that set you apart from most civilians you may also have specific strengths and face specific challenges to gaining related work experience before you graduate and in launching your internship or professional job search and career as well.  We hope these 7-step resources and working with CPaRC staff will help you with the basics of navigating:

  1. College Jobs and Financial Support Resources
  2. Choosing Your Major/Career Path and Minors, Certificates etc.
  3. Making and Surviving Your College-to-Career Plan
  4. Career Readiness Activities
  5. Getting Related Experience (the two birds approach)
  6. Pros and Cons of Internships, Volunteering and Other Opportunities
  7. Practical Job Search, Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews