How can I find a relevant internship?

It’s important to complete at least one internship during your college career to build skills in your desired field. Below are some first steps.  

  • Speak with advisors and faculty in your major to learn about the support they provide for finding an internship and options for doing an internship for class credit. 
  • Watch Handshake regularly for internships posted by employers specifically looking for UWM students.
  • Attend career fairs to speak with employers hiring for internships.
  • Use various keywords to search for internships on Google, Indeed, and LinkedIn.
  • Network! Speak with professionals in your field and current and past students to learn about internship opportunities.
  • Use LinkedIn alumni search. Search for alumni in your field and view their profiles to see internships they held. LinkedIn is also a great way to connect with these individuals for advice

Schedule an appointment with a CPaRC career advisor for more ideas and support with resume writing and interviewing.