How can I find a relevant internship?

It’s important to find an internship during your college career to build skills in your desired field. Typically, a good time to do this is your sophomore year. Our tip is – visit the Career Planning and Resource Center as soon as you can! Below are some additional tips for getting an internship relevant to your career:

  • Attend CPaRC Job & Internship fairs in the fall and spring: Employers are hiring interns and part-time students – use these fairs to learn about career-related opportunities and network with employers.
  • Meet with your academic advisors to learn the process for doing academic internships for class credit. Your academic advisor might also have connections to employers related to your major that you can connect with.
  • NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORKReach out to someone who has a job you are interested in and ask them to meet for an informational interview. Informational Interviews are great to hear about people’s experiences and career paths, as well as make connections in your field.
  • Set up an account on Handshake. Employers post internships on this database and you can easily search for opportunities in your field.