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The process for career planning begins prior to students entering post-secondary education through soft/technical skill development. The Panther Pathways Program is centered upon the four pillars, which ultimately lead to career success:

  1. Career Exploration/Planning
  2. Choosing a Major/Minor
  3. Job Seeking
  4. Career Maintenance.

This program sets out to equip upper-level high school students (Juniors/Seniors) with the necessary tools, resources, and networks to make informed decisions regarding their futures prior to entering a college/university. As more and more students enter these institutions undecided, this program will aim to guide students through the career exploration process, and how it connects to choosing a major/minor. Through this partnership students will also gain access to an exceptional resource at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee CPaRC, which promotes a sense of familiarity with the institution and serves to continue to build the bridge between the university and the community.

Panther Pathways Program:

Pick a program that best suits your needs to be presented by our Employment Preparation Coordinator, Joshua Reed.

Assessing Current Skills & Abilities

This programs aides the development of student skills in academics and learning, communication and relationships, organization, decision making, problem solving, and other transferable skills. Students will also have the opportunity to take a work values assessment and interests and skills profiler.

Hard/Soft Skill Development

This program focuses marketing your hard and soft skills on your resume, in the interview, and how to use social media wisely.

Aligning Skills, Passions, & Interests with the Ideal Career Path

After a presentation on aligning your academic and career choices, discuss the career exploration process and play CPaRC’s favorite game, Career Taboo!