Career and Curriculum

Career and Curriculum

Infusing career and professional development content into course curriculum:

  • Enriches student learning and commitment to the course/major
  • Supports UWM student retention as well as school/college/department retention as students increase their understanding of the connection between majors and careers
  • Motivates student’s to develop academic and career goals
  • Enhances student’s ability to effectively communicate their strengthens as they transition to the world of work or graduate school

We encourage you to contact us to discuss ideas for integrating career content into your course as well as how we can support you in achieving your objectives. Email us:

If you are assigning activities that require students to visit our office, please notify us so we can prepare for time periods of increased traffic and preserve the level of customer service that students deserve and expect of CPaRC.

Examples of Infusing Career Content into Curriculum:

  • Develop a resume and cover letter geared toward an internship or full-time job in their field
  • Visit CPaRC Walk-In hours to discuss their career goals or have their resume critiqued
  • Complete MyPlan Assessments and write a reflection paper on their results
  • Interview a professional in a job they are interested in and present their findings to the class
  • Learn about interview strategies through websites and videos and then perform mock interviews in class
  • Attend a CPaRC career fair, workshop, or special event for extra credit

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