International Society of Biometeorology

Students and New Professionals

The SNP group includes almost 80 active members who are either within 5 years from leaving education (e.g. PhD study) or under 35 years of age. The group first met together at the 18th International Congress of Biometeorology in Tokyo (September 2008, led by Kate Bassil), the 19th ICB in Auckland (December 2011, led by Simon Gosling), and for a third time at the 20th ICB in Cleveland (September 2014, led by Jennifer Vanos).

Workshops supported by the Tromp Foundation provide professional development opportunities for emerging scholars.

We are a diverse group of researchers and educators working to share our knowledge of Biometeorology from past present, and future, bringing energy and new insights into our work.

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SNP Leadership 2020 - 2023
Chair: Angela Lees (Angela.Lees[at]
Director of Communications: Yuliya Dzyuban
Secretary: Daniel Vecellio

Past SNP Chairs
Hamed Mehdipoor
Jennifer Vanos
Simon Gosling
Kate Bassil