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Students and New Professionals

Contact the Students and New Professionals (SNP) Leadership 2023 – 2026

  • Chair: Peter Crank (peter.crank[at]
  • Director of Communications: Claire Gallacher
  • Secretary: Ariel Prinsloo

The SNP group includes around 50 active members who are either within 5 years from leaving education (e.g. PhD study) or under 35 years of age. The group first met together at the 18th International Congress of Biometeorology in Tokyo (September 2008, led by Kate Bassil), the 19th ICB in Auckland (December 2011, led by Simon Gosling), and for a third time at the 20th ICB in Cleveland (September 2014, led by Jennifer Vanos). Since then, the SNP has met at the 21st ICB in Durham, UK (September 2017, led by Hamed Mehdipoor), the 22nd ICB virtually (September 2021, led by Angela Lees, Dan Vecellio, and Yuliya Dzyuban), and at the 23rd ICB in Tempe, USA (May 2023, led by Angela Lees, Dan Vecellio, and Yuliya Dzyuban).

Over the years, SNP members participated in summer-training workshops supported by the Tromp Foundation.  These professional development opportunities for emerging scholars led to publications focusing on interdisciplinary research, education, and technology.  We are a diverse group of researchers and educators working to share our knowledge of Biometeorology from past present, and future, bringing energy and new insights into our work.

One of our primary activities is a quarterly newsletter to the SNP membership. Stay up to date on what our members are doing, including spotlights on research and members as well as SNP publications and job opportunities! Join the SNP Mailing list here. Check out the most recent SNP Newsletter. If you’ve got ideas or news to share in the newsletter, contact Claire (c.gallacher[at]!

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Past Events and Newsletters

April 2024 SNP Newsletter

February 27th 2024 – a panel discussion on burnout featured Drs. Shreya Banerjee, Dragan Milosevic, Jenni Vanos, and PhD Candidate Gisel Guzman. You can check out the recording of the webinar here.

January 2024 SNP Newsletter

April 2023 SNP Newsletter

December 2022 SNP Newsletter

September 2022 SNP Newsletter

May 11th 2022 – features presentations from Drs. Yoonjung Ahn, Christos Giannaros, and Shreya Banerjee.

Investigating city bike rental usage and wet-bulb globe temperature

Placing humans at the center of heat-related studies and early-warning systems

Validating ENVI-met for Relative Humidity (RH) in high-density temporary encroachment spaces in the streets of tropical Indian megacities

April 2022 SNP Newsletter

A skill-building series with a webinar on 6 April 2022 at 11:00 UTC. Dr. Shreya Banerjee is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow of Cooling Singapore.  She employs statistical learning and computational techniques to solve issues pertaining to Sustainable Built Environment with an emphasis on climate risk mitigation, human biometeorology and climatology, energy usage and urban design.














Past SNP Chairs
Angela Lees
Hamed Mehdipoor
Jennifer Vanos
Simon Gosling
Kate Bassil