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PhD Position in Hydrological and climate variability at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences (FES), the Czech University of Life  Science in Prague modelling of relationships between climate and human health. The PhD position is embedded in the REES project (Research Excellence in Environmental Sciences) led by Dr. Ales Urban (researcher ID: H-6476-2014). The aim of the REES project is to investigate the impacts of climate variability and change on human health.

The title of the PhD project is: Modelling of relationships between climate variability and seasonal patterns in mortality The aim of the PhD project will be to clarify associations between climate variability and seasonal patterns of mortality and morbidity in the Czech Republic using modern methods of time series analysis. Special focus will be given on the analysis of seasonal patterns of the incidence of infectious diseases, how these patterns are associated with climate variability, and how they affect the general seasonal patterns in mortality and morbidity.

The candidate should have a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Science, Environmental Modelling, Environmental Epidemiology, Climate Science, or related field. We expect the candidate will be self-motivated and interested in the research topic. Good knowledge in statistics, scientific programming and data analysis, and experience in working with tools for the analysis and visualisation of time series data (e.g. R/RStudio, Matlab, or similar) are expected. Additional skills are expected to be gained and improved during the PhD project. The successful candidate will participate in the REES project, will contribute to preparation and submission of research grants, and is expected to participate on these grants in case of successful submission.

For further information please contact Dr. Ales Urban;!!KwNVnqRv!VPwg6BmFLcCI22bBpJPQT5Jqd_1pzhN1oBhrRJqBZ2RxoNVKFiH_w4QmC8Ri-HidQg$


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