International Society of Biometeorology

Climate and Human Health Commission

Scope and Objectives

The relationship between human health and climate has become an important topic all over the world in the last decades. Climate and also weather influence human beings since the moment they are born until the end of their days. Climatic conditions can affect our health on a positive or a negative way. Some topics related to climate, weather and health such as climate change (global warming), weather extreme events (tsunamis, flooding), spreading epidemics (avian flu), are generating a global concern in this sense.The main aims of the ISB Climate and Health Commission (ISB-CHC) are based on the following points:

  • To identify the interaction between atmospheric variables (air temperature, wind, air humidity, radiation fluxes, rainfall, lightning, etc) and human health.
  • To clarify the way in which these interactions lead to human health disorders.
  • To develop and promote health guidelines for the prevention of health impacts of climate change and weather extreme events.
  • To discuss scientific research on bioweather forecasting and related services

Research Items

ISB scientists are working on a number of climate-health projects. These include:

  • New research lines related to bioweather forecasting
  • Climate weather and mental health
  • Climate, health and geographic information technologies
  • Health warning systems
  • Climate change and health
  • Vector borne diseases
  • Extreme climatic events and sanitary consequences (e.g. impact of heat waves on cause-specific mortality and morbidity)
  • Deprivation index, welfare and climate
  • Interaction between climate, air pollution and health
  • Atmospheric circulation patters and impact on health