International Society of Biometeorology

Commissions and Study Groups

The forum for scientific discussions and work within ISB is provided by specific commissions and study groups. Commissions are created to focus on specific areas of research and to carry out studies in an operational fashion. Usually commissions will be funded from external sources or have reasonable prospects of such funding. Study groups exist largely to promote exchange of scholarship and ideas and views among their own members without involving funded operational activities. Both commissions and study groups may organise workshops, symposia and other scientific meetings as appropriate.

  • Commissions and Study Groups


    Studying the affects of domestic, feral, wild and laboratory animals to natural changes and to extremes of the physical environment.


    The relationship between human health and climate has become an important topic all over the world in the last decades.


    Climate (the concept includes weather) and leisure activities are connected in diverse ways.


    Phenology is a scientific discipline studying the link between vegetation dynamics and the climate.


    Disseminating biometeorological knowledge across international and disciplinary boundaries.