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ICB 2021

The International Society of Biometeorology will hold its 1st virtual and 22nd International Congress of Biometeorology, Connecting Our World: Biometeorology 2021, from 20-22 September 2021.  The conference will have livestream events, focusing on invited keynote and plenary speakers, with substantial time devoted to collaborative discussions based on poster submissions aimed to accommodate participants across all time zones.

With its virtual format, the primary goal of Connecting Our World: Biometeorology 2021 is to bring together those with interests across the spectrum of biometeorology from all parts of the world at all career stages, to partake in this event and network with current and future colleagues.

We encourage submissions on all areas of biometeorology: animal, plant, and human.  This can include agriculture, forestry, tourism, ecology, the built environment, human health, society, epidemiology, balneotherapy, aerobiology, citizen science, the Universal Thermal Comfort Index, sustainability, physiology, extreme events, natural hazards, and warning systems.  We will have a special plenary on the role of biometeorology in the COVID-19 era.

The website will serve as the official site of the conference.  The abstract deadline is midnight EDT 29 July 2021. Registration for the conference will begin in July.  Please direct questions to


International Society of Biometeorology Executive Board

Marie Keatley, President

Scott Sheridan, President-Elect and Conference Program Chair

Pablo Fernández de Arroyabe Hernaez, Past President

Jennifer Vanos, Vice President

Elena Grigorieva, Vice President

Michael Allen, Secretary and Treasurer

Jennifer Fitchett, Africa Councilor

Yuliya Dzyuban, Asia Councilor

Tanja Cegnar, Europe Councilor

Fábio Luiz Teixeira Gonçalves, Latin America Councilor

Adam Kalkstein, North America Councilor

Angela Lees, Oceania Councilor

Biometeorology Bulletin

The first issue of the Biometeorology Bulletin is now available.

Should there be questions or a desire to include your information in the next Bulletin, please contact Elena Grigorieva or Jennifer Vanos directly.


Joint International Climate Communique

ISB is a signatory, along with another 42 national meteorological societies and organisations working on climate and sustainability, on a Joint International Climate Communique released today  – World Meteorological Day 2021. The communique highlights the critical importance of addressing climate change. The communique was initiated by the Royal Meteorological Society and led by the International Forum of Meteorological Societies ISB is a member of the International Forum of Meteorological Societies.

The full Communique may be downloaded by clicking the image below:



Upcoming Webinars

Global Weather Enterprise Forum:  Jan 29, 2021 02:00 PM – 03:30 PM UTC

COMET Educational Resources and Applications for Building Training Capacity: Jan 29, 2021 02:00 PM – 03:30 PM UTC

New Students and New Professionals Board

It is with great pleasure to announce the 2020 – 2023 Students and New Professionals Board:
Chair: Angela Lees
Director of Communications: Yuliya Dzyuban
Secretary: Daniel Vecellio

On behalf of the ISB Executive Board, thank you to the outgoing Board for their service and all of the nominees for their interest and commitment to both the Society and SNP Group.

Jobs and Positions

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Phenology 2018 Conference Abstracts

The Phenology 2018 Conference was the fourth international phenology conference sponsored by International Society of Biometeorology Phenology Commission (ISB-PC), now spanning four continents and both hemispheres!  The abstracts highlight that phenological research continues to expand in relevance, volume, and applications, especially in relation to global climate change.

Phenology 2018 Book of Abstracts