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Stay competitive in today’s job market and improve your opportunity for career advancement or career change with the BS Biomedical Sciences: Health Sciences Degree Completion Program submajor.

This fully online program prepares you to assume a wide range of roles within both clinical and non-clinical settings, such as hospitals and other patient care facilities, government organizations or insurance companies.

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Complete your degree

There is no time like the present to expand your career opportunities! Your health related associate degree and active credentials have already earned you 50% of the required bachelor’s degree credits.

Job changers may pursue options such as these, which require a bachelor’s degree: claims reviewer, client/patient advocate, lobbyist/health care advocate or medical equipment sales.

Other students may use the BS HS to prepare themselves for graduate or professional programs after graduation.

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Earn your BS in Health Sciences from UW-Milwaukee
  • The program features an interdisciplinary focus with emphasis on the skills most in demand by employers, such as critical thinking, problem-solving and information management.
  • UWM is the only public university in Wisconsin to offer a fully online health sciences degree completion program.
  • You will receive personalized support from our academic advisors, who can help create a learning plan that fits your needs.

Successful Alumni

The School of Biomedical Sciences & Health Care Administration has many successful alumni. These alumni have taken their degrees and have excelled in their careers.

Visit our Alumni page and be inspired by where a health sciences degree can take you.

Candidates for the BS Biomedical Sciences: Health Sciences Degree Completion program must have earned an associate degree (for which a minimum of 60 credits will be awarded towards the health sciences degree) OR earned 60 total transferable credits (which requires a transcript review and course equivalencies will be applied toward the health sciences degree).

Allow at least four weeks for the UWM Office of Admissions to process your application. Transfer credit will be granted where course equivalencies are confirmed related to courses taken outside of associate degree coursework.

At the same time you are applying to UWM, send a copy of your current professional certification or licensure documentation to:

Bill Mueller, MS
Advisor, Office of Student Affairs
College of Health Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Northwest Quadrant Building B, Room 6521
Milwaukee, WI 53201

The minimum degree requirement for completion is 120 credits, including all of the following:

  1. Completion of UWM General Education Requirements (GER). GER requirements may be partially met through previous coursework and through required program coursework.
  2. Completion of math and English competency requirements.
  3. A cumulative UWM GPA of 2.5.
  4. A minimum of 30 credits from UWM (30 credits to be completed in the final semesters).

General Education Requirements (GER)

UWM’s General Education Requirements are required if the first semester of enrollment in a degree program at an accredited institution was September 1986 or later. Where possible, courses in the health sciences degree completion program were selected to also meet GER. GER is NOT required of students who hold a prior baccalaureate degree.

Foundation Courses

HS 102: Healthcare Delivery in the United States3
HCA 220: Leading Healthcare Professionals3
ENGLISH 207: Health Science Writing, OWC-B GER OR
ENGLISH 206: Technical Writing
BMS 205: Introduction to Diagnostic Medicine, GER NS3
BMS 260: Introduction to Complementary and Integrative Health Approaches, GER SS3
THERREC 202: Disability, Society and the Person3
BMS 245: Client Diversity in the Health Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, GER SS/CD3
KIN 270: Statistics in the Health Professions: Theory and Practice (or equivalent) QLB GER3
Total Credits24

Advanced Courses

THERREC 303: Inclusive and Disability Programs in the Community3
BMS 301 – 303: Pathophysiology3
BMS 433: Teamwork in the Health Professions3
HS 311: Law and Ethics for Healthcare Professionals3
KIN 400: Ethics and Values in the Health and Fitness Professions3
BMS 434: Professional Development in the Health Sciences3
Total Credits18


18 credits.

Total: 60 credits. You must complete all requirements within six years of entering the program.

To schedule an advising appointment, call 414-229-2758 or visit Northwest Quadrant Building B, Room 6425.

When should I meet with my advisor?

You are encouraged to meet with your advisor at least once per semester to ensure timely progress to graduation.

  • Enrolling for spring semester?
    Schedule an appointment with your advisor in October or November.
  • Enrolling for fall semester?
    Schedule an appointment with your advisor in March or April.

You are also welcome to schedule an appointment with your advisor at any time to discuss academic challenges, career opportunities or any other questions.

How can my advisor help me?

The College of Health Sciences boasts professional academic advisors who understand the challenges of balancing academics, work, family and the social aspects of college life. Advisors partner with you to:

  • Explore your academic and career interests
  • Plan the sequence of your courses
  • Prepare for course enrollment
  • Access tutoring and other academic support
  • Identify opportunities for campus involvement
  • Connect you to campus resources
  • Plan for graduation