The Black Student Cultural Center (BSCC) facilitates the recruitment, retention and growth of students of African descent by maintaining an environment that promotes academic excellence and personal achievements.


The Black Student Cultural Center is the premier vehicle instrumental in the academic success of students of the African Diaspora.

Outreach Services

BSCC offers a welcoming social environment that facilitates the advancement of all UWM students. We make it a priority to encourage and prepare students to participate in and contribute to the global community. The advocacy and intervention services that MSSCs/coaches provide help to resolve situations that arise from academic demands and cultural differences. We assist students to effectively work with academic advisors and faculty members and refer students to mentoring and other support services. Our staff works diligently to establish and maintain contact with UWM’s undergraduate and graduate student body through sponsorship of educational and cultural programs that promote an understanding of campus diversity and help students feel connected to the university. In collaboration with pre-collegiate schools, we assist prospective students with their higher education decision-making.

Black Cultural Programs

The Black Student Cultural Center provides key programs and services to students that allow them to grow. Our events focus on students of African descent academically, socially, culturally and globally through programming and networking.


  • Making the Connection Program
  • Black Student Cultural Center & Multicultural Centers Open House
  • Welcome Reception for African/African American Students, Faculty and Staff
  • African/African American Graduation Celebration
  • Black History Month Activities
  • Diversity Career Fair
  • Diverse Ideas
  • Panther Foundations for Success: Internship Development Program
  • Summit on Black Male Youth
  • Social Entrepreneurship, Justice & Equity Compact Initiative (SEJEC)
  • Pre-Collegiate Program



The Black Student Cultural Center offices are located in Bolton Hall Room 170 and is connected to our student center where students are able to study, socialize, interact with staff, hold group meetings and utilize the computers. The center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.