Referral Information
This list of useful websites and phone numbers contains listings for various organizations in the Milwaukee area that can help with a wide range of things. The University Legal Clinic is in no way affiliated with any of these organizations. The listing is for informational purposes only.

Tenant Rights and Responsibilities
Whether you’re getting your first apartment or you have rented before, it is always good to know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. This publication is meant to inform. All of the information in this publication is strictly educational. It is in no way meant to replace or substitute for legal advice. If you have any questions about the content of this publication and how it’s information may apply to your particular case, you should timely seek legal counsel.

Printable Volunteer Application
You can submit the application online, which is suggested, but it is available for you to print in case you like to write more than type.

Termination of Tenancy Form
This is a fillable form that you can use to give notice to your landlord that you will be moving out at the end of your lease. Remember a properly formatted letter is only one part. A tenant’s notice must be in writing and be timely served on the landlord in one of the following ways: 1. Giving the notice to the landlord personally. 2. Leaving a copy with a competent person apparently in charge of the landlord’s regular place of business. 3. Sending by certified or registered mail. (Wis. Stat. sec 704.21 (2)) The University Legal Clinic suggests certified mail as the preferred method of delivery. However, when mailing you must add 3 days time to the notice period. So, if you must give 60 days notice to move out, you must mail the notice 3 days before the 60 day notice is due.

More forms will be added as they become available. Need something that isn’t here? Let us know!