Ivan Ascher

Associate Professor
 Bolton Hall 640

Professional Website:


PhD, Political Science, University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests

I specialize in modern political and social theory. My current research is on the continued relevance of Karl Marx and Max Weber for a critique of contemporary capitalism. I am also developing a new research project on the university in the age of neoliberalism.

Courses Taught

  • PolSci 382 – Modern Political Thought
  • PolSci 386 – Contemporary Political Theory
  • Karl Marx (Graduate Seminar, UMass)
  • French Theory (Graduate Seminar, UMass)

Selected Publications

Ascher, Ivan. “The Subprime Subject of Ideology.” After Capitalism. Ed. Petro, Patrice S., and Ferguson, Kennan. (2016).
Ascher, Ivan. “Capitalism.” Encyclopedia of Political Thought. Ed. Gibbons, Michael, Coole, Diana, Ellis, Elisabeth, and Ferguson, Kennan. Wiley-Blackwell, (2014): 430-441.
Ascher, Ivan. “Max Weber and the ‘Spirit’ of The Protestant Ethic.” Journal of Classical Sociology 10.2 (2010): 99-108.
Ascher, Ivan. “Difference Theories.” Encyclopedia of Political Theory. Ed. Bevir, Mark. SAGE Publications, Inc., (2010).