Get Connected!

Office 365 is here! While old pantherLINK data continues to migrate, go to outlook.office365.com and log in with your UWM email address and ePanther password. Learn more

Migration Status

The migration of everyone’s last 90 days of email as well as all calendars, contacts, and tasks in pantherLINK is complete. The team is now working on migrating everyone’s last 365 days of email to Office 365.

Last 14 Days Last 90 Days Last 365 Days Over 365 Days
Group 1 checkmark checkmark checkmark
Group 2 checkmark checkmark workInProgress
Group 3 checkmark checkmark workInProgress
Group 4 checkmark checkmark workInProgress
Group 5 checkmark checkmark workInProgress
Group 6 checkmark checkmark workInProgress

Migration Groups

In the interest of time and business continuity, UWM’s 60,000+ accounts were separated into six groups, with priority processing set for current faculty, staff, students who are enrolled this summer, and group accounts. All six groups are described below.

Groups 1 & 2
Faculty, staff, students who are enrolled this summer, and group accounts

Groups 3 & 4
Students enrolled for the upcoming fall semester

Groups 5 & 6
Students eligible to enroll, annuitants, and all other account types