David Hoeveler

Distinguished Professor
 (414) 229-3967
 Holton Hall 390


PhD, University of Illinois, 1971

Research Interests

American Intellectual History

Teaching Areas

US surveys, History of Religion in America, US Supreme Court, Theory and Historiography

Selected Publications

Hoeveler, J. David. “American Burke.” Ten Essential Reads Reads from The American Cionservative (Reprint from Journal). Ed. McCarthy, Daniel T. (2012): 7-12.
Hoeveler, J. David. “American Burke.” The American Conservative 10. The American Conservative, (2011): 7-12.
Hoeveler, J. David. “Reading Liberal Theology.” Modern Intellectual History 8. Modern Intellectual History, (2011): 604-17.
Hoeveler, J. David. “Progressivism in Wisconsin: John Bascom at the University, 1874-1887.” Revue Francaise d’Histoire Americaine Jan 2010. (2010): 12-26.
Hoeveler, J. David. “God-Or Gorilla: Images of Evolution in the Jazz Age, by Constance Areson Clark.” History: Review of Books 38. History: Review of Books, (2010): 94-95.
Hoeveler, J. David. “In the Beginning: Fundamentalis, the Scopes Triual, and the Antievolution Movement, by Michael Liniesch.” American Historical Review. American Historical Review, (2008): 94-94.