Career Fairs

Each year the CPaRC hosts up to 10 career and internship fairs to help local and national employers connect with UWM students. Our employers come to campus from many different fields to meet YOU! They want UWM students and alumni who are interested in learning more about their companies and opportunities they can offer. Career fairs are just one way to job search, so it is best to be prepared for these events. See the Additional Resources for tips.

Upcoming Events

Fairs we organize every year include:
  • Part-Time Job & Internship Fair (early September)
  • Fall Career Fair (early October)
  • Health Professions Career Fair (early October)
  • Education Career Fair (Fall)
  • Spring Career Week (late February)
    • Health Professions Career Fair
    • Humanities & Social Sciences Career Fair
    • Engineering & Industry Expo
    • Education Career Fair
  • Summer Job & Internship Fair (April)
Quick Career Fair Tips:
  • Dress for Success. Treat this like an interview. If you do not have professional clothes to wear, come to Mellencamp 128 and get some for free from the Career Closet.
  • Introduce Yourself. When you walk up to a recruiter, smile, firmly shake their hand, establish eye contact, and give your elevator speech (a brief 30 second introduction about your education, interests, skills, and why you are interested in that company).
  • Bring Copies of Your Resume. Some employers may ask you to apply online, but having a paper copy to hand them can be helpful.
    • *BONUS TIP*: Get your resume reviewed at walk-in hours
  • Research Companies/Organizations Before. Know the basics about the company before you meet with them (what they do, what they are hiring for, etc.)