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TAB “Sundress”


TAB commercial and the 1966 gendered, sugar-free cola, soft drink campaign. The advertisement shows TAB logo with the motto “The New Taste of TAB,” followed by three young women in fashionable little black dresses — sleeveless and one with a circular cutout at her midriff. The camera focuses closely on hair, earrings and dresses, and then pulls back to show the group with a male voice-over, “You can drink more, and show more . . . crazy.”

Segment includes countdown and credits for the Libra Productions, Inc.

Series: Commercials
Date: Undated
Film Segment: 1
Film Reel: SR616
Duration: 00:00:28
Soundtrack: No
B/W or Color: Color
Format: Optical
Positive/Negative: Positive
Condition: Good but color shift to pink
Script: No
Citation: [ CREATE A BRIEF TITLE BASED ON SUMMARY PROVIDED ], undated, Commercials, Milwaukee Journal Stations Records, Milwaukee Mss Collection 203, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries, Archives Department.
Rights: Copyright © WTMJ-TV