Access / Use

The first half hour of research is free. Thereafter, we charge $50.00 an hour.

We provide screeners to help researchers identify footage that they may wish to purchase for their personal interest or public use. All screeners are low-resolution copies captioned with a copyright notice and statement regarding their limited use. We provide screeners at $15 each.

Most of the news footage is available for viewing in its original 16mm format, condition permitting. Viewings of 16mm film are by appointment only.

If your project requires high-definition film to digital video transfer, the Archives will outsource the work to a local vendor. You are expected to cover the costs of transferring the entire reel, not just the segment(s) in which you are interested, and courier charges. We will provide a cost estimate for the work. The usual turnaround time is 5-7 days for small orders (1-3 reels), although we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date. Expedited service for small orders may be possible for an additional fee. Following transfer, we will provide screeners for viewing. We provide screeners at no charge when researchers pay for film digitization.

Use Fees

Note that all public uses require permission from WTMJ-TV, which retains its copyright in the footage. The Archives will seek such permission on your behalf.

Use fees are charged by the total seconds of film used; a minimum use of 15 seconds is required. These fees are separate from and in addition to any film-to-digital video transfer fees. Discounts may apply, depending on the amount of footage used. Rights are granted for the life of the project. Please inquire for more information.

Commercial/For Profit
   Local $15/second
   Nationwide $30/second
   Worldwide $50/second
    Extra: Released on CD/DVD $10/second
Home video sales/rentals (incl. CD/DVD)
   All markets $25/second
Theatrical distribution
   All markets $40/second
 Exhibit $15/second
 Streaming on website $15/second
 Non-broadcast $15/second
 Public television
    Local $10/second
    Nationwide $20/second
    Extra: Released on CD/DVD $10/second
 Home video sales/rentals (incl. CD/DVD)
    All markets $25/second
 Exhibit $10/second
 Streaming on website $10/second
 Non-broadcast $10/second

To purchase rights for dissemination to more than one market, compute the highest rate first. Additional markets are calculated at 50% of the listed per-second rate.

The following discounts apply to licensing fees only:

  • 10% off the total for 3 minutes to 4 minutes, 59 seconds
  • 20% off the total for 4 minutes to 5 minutes, 59 seconds
  • 30% off the total for any amount over 6 minutes