Footage from the WTMJ-TV news archives has found a second life in numerous documentary films on a wide-range of topics. It’s also been used for research and in classroom and conference presentations, public exhibitions, and radio broadcasts. The following are some examples:

Black Thursday. Text by Steven Kercher. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 2010. Web.

Black Thursday Remembered. Gail Steinhilber Art Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, November 2008-February 2009. Exhibition.

A Braves New World. Written and produced by William Povletich. Milwaukee Public Television. WMVS and WMVT, Milwaukee. March 15, 2009. Television.

The Camden 28. Produced, written, and directed by Anthony Giacchino. First Run Features, 2007. Film.

Packers Life. “The Commish.”  Produced by the Green Bay Packers. March 10, 2017. Television.

The Defenders: A History of the Birth Control Movement in Wisconsin. Produced by Trilobyte Pictures. Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, 2006. Film.

“Heroes Under Fire.” Portrait of Courage. Produced by Wild Eyes Productions. The History Channel. December 30, 2005. Television.

Hubert H. Humphrey: The Art of the Possible. Directed by Mick Caouette. PBS. October 2010. Television.

The Making of Milwaukee. Produced and directed by Claudia Looze. Milwaukee Public Television. WMVS and WMTV, Milwaukee. October 2006. Television.

Mecca: The Floor That Made Milwaukee Famous. Directed by Chris James Thompson. 30 for 30 Shorts. ESPN Films, June 11, 2014. Web.

The Selig Experience. Miller Park, Milwaukee, May 28, 2015. Permanent exhibition.

“Seven Dirty Words, Then and Now.” Paula Zahn Now. CNN. July 25, 2007. Television.

Spanish Spoken Here. Directed and produced by Raul C. Galvan. Milwaukee Public Television. WMVS and WMVT, Milwaukee. April 2005. Television.

States of Change – Homecoming. Executive producers Bill Weir and Conor Hanna. CNN. June 3, 2017. Television.

Things That Aren’t Here Anymore. Executive producer Raul C. Galvan. Milwaukee Public Television. WMVS and WMVT, Milwaukee. December 2004. Television.

Vel Phillips: Dream Big Dreams. Produced and directed by Robert Trondson. Wisconsin Public Television. WHA-TV, Madison. February 16, 2015. Television.

Wisconsin Remembers John F. Kennedy. Produced by Dan Jones. Milwaukee Public Television. WMVS and WMVT, Milwaukee. November 11, 2013. Television.