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Footage of an interview from 1963 about the development of the Civil Defense program…

Civil Defense

Footage of an interview from 1963 about the development of the Civil Defense program. An interviewee talks about his support of the Civil Defense program, but in a more economic way. Brief interview on the evacuation plan for the city of Milwaukee as well as the shelter program. An interviewee raises questions about the Civil Defense program in regards to the cost to taxpayers. Silent footage of a Red Cross presentation. Footage of a training class related to civil defense. There is some footage of the city of Milwaukee. Interview with what appears to be Milwaukee’s mayor John Bohn about the value of home basements against radiation. He gives the options available to civilians. The Mayor also talks about the process of the shelter program. There is footage of a home underground shelter and an interview with its owner. A WTMJ reporter asks civilians if they plan to build a shelter in their homes. A representative of the Civilian Defense Investigation talks about their agenda. The Mayor talks about the direction of the Civil Defense program. More footage can be found in reels SR391 and SR393.

Series: Special Assignment
Date: Undated
Film Segment: 1
Film Reel: SR392
Duration: 00:25:00
Soundtrack: Optical
B/W or Color: B/W
Positive/Negative: Positive
Condition: Fair
Script: No
Citation: Civil Defense, undated, Special Assignment, Milwaukee Journal Stations Records, Milwaukee Mss Collection 203, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries, Archives Department.
Rights: Copyright © WTMJ-TV