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Special Report. A five part series examining the gay and lesbian community in Milwaukee

Some call them gay

Special Report. A five-part series examining the gay and lesbian community in Milwaukee. Part one provides an overview of employment discrimination faced by gay men and lesbians; part two focuses on entertainment and recreation, such as dance clubs and bars, drag shows, and cruising; part three describes local efforts to organize for legal reform and oppose police entrapment; part four focuses on the “double life” of homosexuals of this period; and part five describes how gay men and lesbians are organizing for their civil rights. The series ran nightly from September 24th-28th,1973.

Series: Special Report and Other Footage
Date: September 24, 1973
Film Segment: 1
Film Reel: SR020 BIG, SR021 BIG, SR022
Start/Stop Time: 0:00:00 - 0:17:05
Duration: 0:17:05
Soundtrack: Magnetic
B/W or Color: Color
Condition: Transferred to its own DVCAM videotapes - one tape has the audio and picture reels separate - the other DVCAM has the audio and picture synced together.
Script: No
Access Copy: WTMJ_reports_SR020_021_022_cs.mp4
Resolution: 480
Citation: Some call them gay, September 24, 1973, Special Report and Other Footage, Milwaukee Journal Stations Records, Milwaukee Mss Collection 203, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries, Archives Department.
Rights: Copyright © WTMJ-TV.