What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice or set of practices that develop the capacity for a calm, focused mind that is open, responsive and sensitive for optimal teaching, advising, management, and learning. Based on neuroscientific research, mindfulness has been proven to help participants reduce stress and revitalize their professional and personal lives by promoting awareness, presence, compassion, concentration, and focus.

Mindful practitioners often report

  • Feeling more positive
  • Reduced emotional reactivity
  • Cultivation of compassion for oneself and others
  • Minimized drama in everyday life
  • Lowered stress levels, even in hectic times
  • Appreciation for the small things in life
  • Greater connection to your values and goals

How Can I Practice Mindfulness?

Mindfulness practice can take place in a variety of ways. It is an individualized practice, so explore some of the following ideas to see what works best for you. Scroll down to find resources on each of these practices.

Breathing Box Method
  • Breathing Techniques
    • Box Breathing (see image)
    • Guided Breathing Meditation (Audio, 6 minutes)
  • Guided Mediations
  • Mindful Movement
  • Practicing Gratitude
  • Grounding Exercises
  • Maker Activities/Crafting
    • Dedicate time to enjoy a crafting or artistic hobby
    • Explore your local community rec center for maker classes
    • Simply color
  • The Mindfulness Workbook – A Panther’s guide to taking a pause. Mindfulness Workbook
    • Students, faculty, and staff can pick up a workbook at the Student Health and Wellness Center 8th Floor, Dean of Students Office, and Golda Meier Library Room E275.
  • UWM FitWell (formerly Sport & Rec)
    • UWM students can register for relaxation, meditation, and yoga classes. A list of available classes can be found here.

Where Can I Practice Mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness can take place just about anywhere, but it can help to have a dedicated space that is quiet and free from distractions. Here is a list of spaces that can provide a mindful environment:

Student Health and Wellness Center Mindful Space
The Mindful Space is a tranquil place for UWM students to take a break. If you are feeling worn down, worried or overwhelmed, come to The Mindful Space to catch your breath, quiet your mind, relax, and develop mindful self-awareness through the use of relaxation equipment including a massage chair and happy lamps.  You can reserve your 30-minute session here.  

Milwaukee Mindfulness Resources

Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee: https://milwaukeemindfulness.com/ (Contact jonathan.elmergreen@gmail.com for information on the young adult mindfulness group that meets on the East Side)
Shambhala Center: https://milwaukee.shambhala.org/
Milwaukee Zen Center: http://mkzen.org/
UW Center for Healthy Minds – resource found here: https://hminnovations.org/? 
Garrison Institute: https://www.garrisoninstitute.org/programs-retreats/community-programs/

For more information on UWM student emotional well-being resources, workshops, and trainings, please visit: https://uwm.edu/wellness/health-promotion/emotional-health/