UWM Announces Plans to Close Waukesha Campus

The Black Cultural Resource Center (BCRC) strives to promote and provide a safe and welcoming environment where students, faculty, and staff can reflect upon, honor, and celebrate African American heritage and the larger African Diasporic community.

BCRC group photo
Staff and students in the BCRC.

The BCRC supports the university’s mission of creating diverse and inclusive spaces that enrich the campus climate and contribute to building a sense of belonging and community. The BCRC is committed to cultivating an understanding of the black experience, promoting social justice, and serving as a Black cultural resource on the UWM at Waukesha campus.

The BCRC provides educational resources for students, faculty, and staff and encourages the university community to become more enlightened about the African American experience. Showcasing African artifacts and highlighting African American literature, the center will foster a deeper awareness, understanding, and appreciation of African, Black and Caribbean (ABC) cultures.

The BCRC welcomes students, staff, and faculty and prides itself as a place where all can engage, educate themselves, and challenge their views on the social construction of race in America. The BCRC also serves as a place for students to study, hang out, and have engaging discussions with their peers. The presence of the BCRC will be a beacon to the campus community and encourage positive relationships, personal growth, and cultural awareness.

The Center partners with the African American Union, the Diversity Center, Student Development, the UWM at Waukesha Library, and the Campus Climate Committee.

To support the BCRC or request more information, please contact Schelzia Ross at schelzia@uwm.edu or (262)521-5127.


Schelzia Ross
BCRC Coordinator