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J. Dietenberger

J. Dietenberger is an Executive Strategic Consultant, University Lecturer, Administrator, and Engineer in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Internships, and Technology.  He brings ivy league training, extensive sector, and multi-industry expertise.  He is a senior-level Information Technology, Project Management, and Organizational Development… Read More

Fair Treatment for Transgender Employees and Customers

Whether by law or by voluntary dedication to equal treatment, many organizations today are committed to the fair treatment of transgender individuals, and ensuring no employee, customer or client faces discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression. But… Read More

Jean Salzer

UW-Milwaukee efforts Director, Career Planning & Resource Center, 2013-present – knowledge topics include career path determination, development of soft skills, leadership development, connecting college experiences to marketable career skills Senior Counselor, Accessibility Resource Center, 1999-2013 – knowledge topics include disability… Read More