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Gladys Mitchell-Walthour

Gladys Mitchell-Walthour is an assistant professor of Public Policy & Political Economy in the Department of Africology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is a political scientist who specializes in racial politics in Brazil, affirmative action, discrimination, and political behavior…. Read More

Aneesh Aneesh

A. Aneesh is Professor of Sociology and Global Studies and Director of the Institute of World Affairs at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Previously, he taught in the Science and Technology Program at Stanford University (2001-04). He is the author… Read More

J. Dietenberger

J. Dietenberger is an Executive Strategic Consultant, University Lecturer, Administrator, and Engineer in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Internships, and Technology.  He brings ivy league training, extensive sector, and multi-industry expertise.  He is a senior-level Information Technology, Project Management, and Organizational Development… Read More