Many justice-involved juveniles and adults have a trauma history. Through the Graduate Certificate in Trauma-Informed Care, you will develop the empathy and professional skills to support justice-involved individuals. This certificate can be taken concurrently with the Master of Science in Criminal Justice & Criminology. Maximize your master’s and indicate to employers an advanced level of understanding about trauma.

Graduate Certificate in Trauma-Informed Care for Master’s in Criminal Justice & Criminology Students

Certificate students in criminal justice & criminology will complete 15 credits in coursework in trauma-informed care, 9 of which can double count toward MSCJ graduation requirements, while 6 must be taken above and beyond these required credits.

Graduate Certificate in Trauma-Informed Care for Master's in Criminal Justice & Criminology Students 
Criminal Justice 970 (Women and the Criminal Justice System)3 credits
Criminal Justice 830 (Intervention Strategies for Correctional Clients)3 credits
Choose one additional Trauma-Informed Care elective3 credits
9 credits
Must take the two classes below in addition to the required classes for the Master's Degree in Criminal Justice & Criminology.
Social Work 774
Trauma Counseling I: Theory
3 credits
Social Work 775
Trauma Counseling II: Practice
3 credits
6 credits
15 Credits Total