Crime analysts possess a specific set of skills and knowledge that go beyond what is gained through the general master’s degree in criminal justice. Students in the crime analytics concentration learn specific analytic and methodological techniques used by crime analysts and gain the qualifications necessary to be successful in any crime analysis position.

As a student, in the crime analytics concentration you will learn to:

  • Apply appropriate research methods and criminological theories to crime problems;
  • understand crime patterns, crime mapping, and common crime analytic techniques;
  • possess the knowledge base necessary to collect, manage, and analyze crime data;
  • evaluate crime data to determine patterns and create appropriate responses.

We have designed the curriculum in partnership with the Milwaukee Police Department Fusion and Intelligence Center and are constantly maintaining and expanding our connections with other agencies across the region and the nation to provide a network of career opportunities for our students. Instructors have skills in GIS, spatial analysis/spatial statistics, data analysis, risk terrain modeling, and crime forecasting and predictive modeling.

The concentration in crime analytics is only open to Criminal Justice Masters students; students enrolled in other graduate degree programs are not eligible.

When applying for the Master of Science in Criminal Justice, please indicate your interest in crime analytics in Panthera.


Students who complete this curriculum will be prepared to enter into crime analysis positions in law enforcement and in other criminal justice organizations. Students in this track must also complete the requirements for the Master of Science in Criminal Justice, with the exception of CRM JST 920, for a total of 33 completed credits. Students who completed CRM JST 520 at the undergraduate level can have another course substituted for CRM JST 520 with the permission of the department chair. Students must receive a B or better in all the listed required courses in order to have the concentration posted on their transcripts.

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
CRM JST 520Analysis Oriented Technology:
Spatial Data Analysis; Crime Mapping (ArcGIS)
Measuring Crime and Analyzing Crime Data

CRM JST 716Advanced Analytic Techniques for Crime Analysts3
Issues in Law Enforcement Practice and Policy
Issues in Corrections Police and Practice
CRM JST 910Methods and Practice Capstone for Crime Analysts3