Coursework in this certificate program trains students to analyze evidence – especially DNA evidence.

Students with a certificate in Forensic Science may pursue job opportunities in local, regional and national crime labs; paternity identification labs; and on archaeological sites.

Course Course Title
ACCC 281 Dead Men Do Tell Tales: An Introduction to Forensic Science, 3 cr
ACCC 481 Criminalistics, 3 cr
CrmJst 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice, 3 cr
CrmJst 480 Criminal Evidence and Investigation, 3 cr
Course Choose one
Anthro 403 The Human Skeleton, 3 cr
Anthro 404 Heredity, Environment, and Human Populations, 3 cr
Course Choose one
BMS 610 Pharmacology, 3 cr
HCA 212 Drugs Used and Abused, 3 cr
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BioSci 539 Laboratory Techniques in Molecular Biology, 4 cr
BMS 560/561 Molecular Diagnostics/Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, 3 cr
Chem 602 General Biochemistry, 3 cr

Additional courses with forensic content are listed below. Check prerequisites or consult the instructor for eligibility. These courses are recommended, but are not required, for the Certificate in Forensic Science:

Course Course Title
ACCC 285 Medicolegal Death Investigation, 3 cr
ACCC 585 Internship in Forensic Toxicology, 2-3 cr
ACCC 594 Internship in Forensic Science, 3 cr
Anthro 405 Forensic Anthropology, 3 cr
BMS 555 Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, 1 cr
BMS 620 Forensic Pathology, 2 cr
Chem 194 Freshman Seminar: (with forensic subtitle), 3 cr
Chem 524 Intermediate Analytical Chemistry, 3-5 cr

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