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Name Title Email Phone Location
Allen, Adrienne
  • Veterinarian
allen334@uwm.edu414-251-5701Englemann Hall 270
Axtman, Kimberly
  • Environmental Health Specialist III
  • Radiation Safety Officer
axtman@uwm.edu414-430-7507Lapham Hall W217
Egan, Patrick
  • Environmental Health and Safety Specialist III
eganp@uwm.edu414-550-9190Engelmann Hall 260B
Fritsch, Ashley
  • Animal Research Technician
ashleyf@uwm.edu414-229-6339Engelmann Hall 270
Harries, Melody
  • Compliance Director, IRB Manager
harries@uwm.edu414-977-7589Engelmann Hall 270
Herriges, Jennifer
  • Laboratory Safety Coordinator
herrigej@uwm.edu414-430-7508Engelmann Hall 270E
McClary-Gutierrez, Jill
  • Biological Safety Officer
mcclary@uwm.edu414-588-4261Engelmann Hall 270
Nemke, Jennifer
  • Animal Care Manager
nemke@uwm.edu414-229-2905Englemann Hall 270
Olson, James
  • Risk Management Manager
olson69@uwm.edu414-750-4699Engelmann Hall 270
Riordan, Sara
  • Risk Management Specialist
sjriord@uwm.edu414-229-6339Engelmann Hall 270
Schneiderman, Nathan
  • Occ Health & Industrial Hygiene Programs Manager
schne438@uwm.edu414-313-9711Engelmann Hall 270
Steuerwald, Zack
  • Environmental Health & Safety Director
steuerzw@uwm.edu414-430-1474Engelmann Hall 270
Stoiber, Leah
  • IRB Administrator
lstoiber@uwm.edu414-977-7593Englemann Hall 270
Winters, Greg
  • Occupational Safety and Training Manager
wintergj@uwm.edu414-430-7506Engelmann Hall 270