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Emily Steel

Dr. Steel is an occupational therapist and Fulbright Future Scholar researching assistive technology and universal design to enable people with disability to lead successful and productive lives. She has worked as a clinician, manager and academic in Australia, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Emily actively promotes inclusion in her roles as Deputy Chair of the Centre for Universal Design Australia (CUDA) and member of the inaugural Queensland Accessible Transport Advisory Council (QATAC). She was previously a Board Member of the Australian Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Association (ARATA) and of Rights & Inclusion Australia (affiliate of Rehabilitation International). Dr. Steel is the Australian delegate for Working Group 10 (Cognitive Accessibility) of the International Organisation for Standardization’s (ISO) Technical Committee 173, and Occupational Therapy Australia delegate for the Standards Australia Committee ME-067: Assistive Products for Persons with a Disability.