Joshua Spencer

Chair, Associate Professor
 Curtin Hall 613

Joshua Spencer’s website


PhD, University of Rochester

Research Interests

Metaphysics and philosophy of language.

Teaching Interests

Metaphysics, philosophy of language and logic.

Selected Publications

Spencer, J. (Forthcoming). The Limits of Neo-Aristotelian Plenitude. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly.
Spencer, J. (Forthcoming). On the Explanatory Demands of the Special Composition Question. Synthese.
Spencer, J. (Forthcoming). Plenitudinous Russellianism. Tillman, C. (Ed.). The Routledge Handbook of Propositions.
Spencer, J., & Tillman, C. (2018). Necessity of Orgins and Multi-Origin Art. Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy, 52(7), 741-754.
Spencer, J. (2018). Conceivability and Possibility. Oppy, G. (Ed.). Ontological Arguments.
Spencer, J. (2016). The Problem of Empty Names and Russellian Plenitude. Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 46(3), 387-404.
Spencer, J. (2016). Review of Naming, Necessity, and More: Explorations in the Philosophical Work of Saul Kripke. Analysis.
Spencer, J. (2016). Review of Could There Have Been Nothing? Mind.
Spencer, J. (2014). Review of Nikk Effingham’s Introduction to Ontology. Teaching Philosophy.
Spencer, J. (2014). Two Thoughts on ‘A Tale of Two Parts’. Res Philosophica, 91(3), 485-490.
Spencer, J. (2014). Unnecessary existents. Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 43(5-6), 766-775.
Spencer, J. (2013). Strong Composition as Identity and Simplicity. ‘Erkenntnis’, 78(5), 1177-1184.
Spencer, J. (2013). “What Time Travelers Cannot Not Do (But are Responsible for Anyway)”. ‘Philosophical Studies’, 166(1), 149-162.
Spencer, J., & Tillman, C. (2012). Semantic Stipulation and Knowledge De Re. Kabasenche, W. P., O’Rourke, M., & Slater, M. H. (Eds.). Topics in Contemporary Philosophy. The MIT Press.
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