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We understand the importance of finding scholarship assistance for college expenses. Follow the steps below to get started in your search for scholarships at UWM.

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When you apply for admission to UWM, you receive your ePantherID and password. You use these credentials to sign in to the Panther Scholarship Portal, UWM’s universal student scholarships platform. Then:

  1. Complete the Panther Scholarship Portal General Application. Completing the General Application is your entry point to being considered for UWM scholarships. Students are encouraged to submit their General Application as soon as it becomes available, but it is helpful to submit it at any point. Take your time answering the question thoroughly to help scholarship administrators get to know you and what you have accomplished and achieved. Many of your responses will be carried forward from year to year for easy updating. Review our Frequently Asked Questions for additional help.
  2. Complete your school/college secondary application (if applicable). Some schools and colleges may have a secondary application specific to you, and completing this secondary application is what makes you eligible for scholarships in your major. Most school/college secondary applications are available from November 1 until February 1. If you don’t see an application specific to your school/college, it is likely that your school/college does not utilize a secondary application.
  3. Review your recommended opportunities. The Panther Scholarship Portal provides Recommended Opportunities for you to apply to based on your General Application responses and your academic record.
  4. Search further. Use the Show Filters button on the Our Opportunities page to filter by your major, department, school/college, or other categories.
  5. Note deadlines. Scholarship opportunities have varying deadlines or closing dates that generally fall between December and May. Keep close track of these! 
  6. Track your status. You can track the status of your applications and offers via the My Applications dashboard. A status of Submitted means your application is still being considered.
  7. Apply early and check back often. Scholarships for next year are typically awarded by April 1, so you must be ahead of the game! Application submission deadlines typically fall during the winter months, and new opportunities are posted throughout each academic year. [/expand]

[expand id=”timeline” title=”Review the Scholarships Timeline”]

View our Scholarships Timeline to understand when you should be applying for scholarships, when offers are made, and other important dates and deadlines. [/expand]

[expand id=”types” title=”Understand the Types of Scholarships”]

Once a student submits their Panther Scholarship Portal General Application, they will automatically be matched with open scholarships they may qualify for, as follows: 

  • Auto-Match Scholarships do not have any additional questions beyond the General Application, and an applicant will be matched automatically if they meet the qualifications. No further action is required by the student! Students will not be able to see these matches, but the student’s profile information will be forwarded to the scholarship committee(s) overseeing each scholarship. About 85% of UWM’s available scholarships are auto-match opportunities based on the General Application.
  • Apply-To Scholarships have additional questions or items required (like a resume or letter of recommendation) to submit your application for the scholarship and be considered. Applicants will see a list of recommended opportunities in the Panther Scholarship Portal once they submit the General Application. About 15% of UWM’s available scholarships are apply-to opportunities.

Private Scholarships are awarded to students outside of the Panther Scholarship Portal by external organizations like community nonprofits or local businesses.

[/expand][expand id=”fafsa” title=”Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid”]

Many scholarships at UWM are need-based, and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a requirement for consideration. We recommend submitting your FAFSA as soon as possible each year. Most scholarships require that a student’s FAFSA has been received by UWM prior to the scholarship application submission deadline for the student to be considered.

If you are ineligible for the FAFSA, you can complete and submit UWM’s Non-FAFSA Need-Based Worksheet to be considered for need-based scholarships. A copy of the worksheet is available for download in the Panther Scholarship Portal General Application. [/expand]

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Contact Us

To contact the Office of Student Scholarships, use this online contact form. If you have a question about a specific scholarship, include the name of the scholarship and the School/College/Department that awarded it to you or administers it.

In-Person Questions:
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