Employees and Enrolled Students

We want to be respectful of students’ and employees’ time. Many have expressed concern about the volume of email they receive. With that in mind, emails sent to all students or all employees must meet the following criteria:

  • The topic should be of interest to all students and/or all faculty and staff members.
  • The topic should be something that impacts their success as students or their ability to do their jobs.
  • Marketing emails that promote a specific program or event are not appropriate.

Messages that meet the above criteria must be approved by the appropriate division head and the vice chancellor for Marketing & Communications via the Campus-Wide Email Request Form.

Enrolled Students, Affiliated vs Unaffiliated

In addition, the provost has determined that departments, programs and colleges may communicate only with affiliated students, defined as students who are enrolled in the program with which the sender is affiliated. For example, a department may email its majors, and a college can email its own students.

Departments, programs and colleges may communicate with unaffiliated students only with the written permission of the dean of the college with which those students are affiliated. The dean should consider the purpose of the email and balance whether anticipated student interest in its content outweighs concerns about overall student email volume. Communications directed to students enrolled in multiple schools and colleges may be approved by the provost in consultation with the deans.

Prospective Students

All communication with prospective (not yet enrolled) students must be managed through the campus customer relationship management tool. Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions if you have questions about this.