For new Web and Integrated Marketing projects. A member of the team will be in contact with you after our next regular Wednesday new intake request review meeting.

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  • Form Preparer

  • Project Basics

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  • Principal Investigator / Project Sponsor

    Person paying the bill
  • Project Liaison

  • Project Details

    Tip: begin URLs with http:// or https:// to turn them into clickable hyperlinks in the final submitted form.
  • Briefly describe the research/project/initiative. What is it? How will it be accomplished? Why is it important?
  • Briefly describe the overarching communication goal. Who is the audience (or audiences)? What do we hope to achieve?
  • List any external partners (Medical College of Wisconsin, funding agencies, businesses, etc.) What will their role be in communication/marketing?
  • Key date to start communication/marketing campaign and/or deadlines for project work.
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please provide any additional information on the deadline and timeline for this work.
  • Budget

  • Billing strings should be formatted as: DEPARTMENT.FUND.PROGRAM.PROJECT/GRANT
    The department identifier is 6 digits, the fund identifier is 3 digits, and the program identifier is 1 digit. The project/grant identifier can be of any length, and is only required if the fund is 133 or 144.
  • Self-Service Items

    Use the links below to navigate to web forms that will allow you to share information with the campus community and visitors.
  • Campus Announcements
    Submit campus announcements and items for the provost’s weekly email here.
  • Listing on Campus Events Calendar
    Employees in Student Affairs or one of UWM’s schools and colleges should contact their unit’s marketing team to place an item on the campus events calendar. Employees in other divisions can submit items here.
  • Campus-wide Emails
    Email messages sent to all students or all employees must be must be approved by the requester’s division head and the vice chancellor for Marketing & Communications. Requests for approval can be made here.
  • Requested Services

    For reference, visit the IMC project management glossary of terms – Sharepoint > Resources > Glossary
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