Announcing Self-Service Software

We’re proud to announce an exciting new method for future L&S software updates and installations. Self-service means just that–you have access to new tools that put new software installations just a few convenient clicks away.

Aside from eliminating physical copies of software that can easily be damaged or misplaced, self-service software drastically reduces the time for new installations. When you purchase a new software license, your designated computer is placed in the appropriate distribution group and you’ll have access to install the software within about 30 minutes without scheduling follow-up appointments.

Self-Service for L&S PCs

To access the self-service software portal on your L&S PC, click the start button and search for Software Center to bring up the main window described below:

Software Center Overview

The Software Center interface for PCs

  1. The Available Software tab shows a list of available software “packages.”
  2. The information pane shows details about the currently-selected software.
  3. The install button installs the currently-selected software; to install multiple applications simultaneously, click the appropriate checkboxes at the far left of the main Software Center window before clicking the button.
  4. The Installation Status tab shows the progress of current and recent installations.
  5. The Installed Software tab shows all Software Center-managed software currently installed on your computer and allows you to quickly uninstall applications.

Customizing Software Center Settings

In addition to simplifying installations, Software Center is a powerful tool for ensuring that your PC gets the latest security updates when you want them. In the Options tab (F above), you can adjust the following options to change when and how often these scheduled tasks run. To expand or collapse the sections below, click the arrow shown in the upper right of the images below.

SCCM Work Information

‘Work Information’ options

The Work Information section allows you to change your typical business hours to ensure that updates don’t interrupt your activities.

SCCM Computer Maintenance

‘Computer Maintenance’ options

The Computer Maintenance section allows you to restrict automatic installations/updates to fall outside of your specified business hours.

After editing any of these settings, click the Apply button in the lower right to save your changes.

Self-Service for Macs

To access the self-service software portal on your L&S Mac, find the Self-Service Software icon in your Applications folder and open it to bring up the main window described below:

Self-Service Mac Dock Icon

The Self-Service Mac OS Icon

JAMF Main Window

The Self-Service interface for Macs

  1. The Featured Software section shows a list of commonly-installed software “packages.”
  2. The Categories section allows you to choose between different software categories.
  3. The grey install button beneath each software title installs the corresponding program.
  4. The Installation Status bar shows the progress of the current installations.
  5. The Installation Queue tab shows the status of all pending installations.

Questions or Problems?

If you have questions or encounter any issues using the self-service software tools, please fill out the Request Support form with as much detail as possible.